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Toronto Access Control – Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I call  locksmith services?

Whenever in need of any lock work, in an urgent case – at your home or automobile.

In a case of lost key – should everything to be renewed?

Toronto Access Control provides rekeying for all your locks as one of our services; you just get new set of keys.

Is it possible to use only one key for all the locks in my home?

Of course, we provide that kind of services. Usually your locks can be made to work with the same key. If they don’t support that service, you may need to change them, with new ones. It is the “Key Alike service”.

If we change our home –does changing all the lock is necessary?

Yes, for sure. You can’t know how many people have keys from them, in our lives we give keys to many people and sometimes they don’t give it back. In the name of your safety changing all the lock of the house is essential.

How do we know if it’s a good door lock?

The most important to look are the bolts of the strong residential locks – there must to be used one inch bolts as a deadbolt. The plate attached to the frame is the most important in every lock; it must be strongly made; it is called strike plate and there had to be used three inched screws – put directly to the wall.

 I experience difficulties when putting my key into the lock and it hardly turns?

In this case you need to use spray – oil one, which can be found in easily. You need to put it directly in the keyhole and where the screw is located. There is no problem how much spray you will use, just keep your house clean, if you like. If you decide to repair it yourself – be sure that you can put it together.

There are difficulties when locking and unlocking?

After trying the oil method you need to try if everything is working smoothly – with open door. If there is still problem it is probably from the frame and the door alignment. You need to check the entire frame and the threshold – for any broken parts and broken things; the door itself must to be straight, without any warps and twists. Everything between the door and the frame must to be in complete order, to fit with high accuracy otherwise the problem occurs. Our clients must to have in mind that the wooden doors and the metal doors change with the years.

Did your company supply door frames; door locks; and doors?

We offer the complete package and we provide the complete installation. All the necessary hardware is supplied and installed; we work with general contractors, as well. This is mostly made when building a new house, but it is okay if not. All the doors, locks and frames are also installed.

I want to know what means – Master Key.

It is the key which open every door – when your locks are made to work with different keys, but there is one which opens all of them. The other keys open only one door, but the master key is programmed or made to open all of them.

In case of lost key – should we change all the locks, to prevent possible unauthorized access in my home?

No, our company offers rekeying, which is cheaper and secure enough against unauthorized access.

What are the distinctions between the master key and the rekey?

After buying their new house, many people find it easy to use the same key they got from the old owners, but they don’t know if there are other people who also have key from that door, then they use the rekey. The rekeying means to make the same lock to open with another key. So the new owner can use the new master key on the rekeyed old lock.

Could we perform the lock installation by ourselves, why not?

Usually the clients want to find the best quality, but it doesn’t happen. We don’t want you to buy something useless or with low quality. For our products and services we guarantee; and we include prevention against many types of unauthorized access.








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