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Vaughan Access Contol Installation in Greater Toronto Area by torontoaccesscontrol.caVaughan access control is serving the city and its suburbs with the high quality access control systems. The city of Vaughan comprise of  more than 288,301 people in it and it is evident that most of the people residing in the city either domestic or industrial are more concerned with the security implications in their premises.

Vaughan access control has been equipped with the latest technology locks and security systems that are integrated in your facility by keeping your security needs under consideration. The company never relies upon the sub-standard or low quality locks as we prefer your reliability and trust in our company. We offer a vide range of services such as installation, repair and maintenance of security ID cards, FOB keys, electric strikes, card readers and control boards.

Vaughan access control provides efficient, robust and reliable services for the installation of security ID cards and FOB keys. Security ID cards lets the user pass without using any key and prevents the probability of lock picking. Through the ID card system, you become careless as the possibility of intrusion by the means of lock picking is reduced to zero.

Vaughan access control specially program unique ID cards so that no visitor without his or her card may enter the premises. One of the core advantages is that there is no need to install special card reader for this purpose. Vaughan access control also installs the card readers for this purpose and a single type may work for all card readers as cards are independent of card readers.

Vaughan access control connects the card reader with the central system that operates all card reader devices. When a card is swiped through it, the identity is check in the database where all details such as name, address and phone is stored and a log is created regarding visit of that user. This comprehensive system not only provides the security and flexibility but also gives the complete details regarding exit and entrances of the visitors. Vaughan access control provides comprehensive installation of electric strikes for security purposes as it is connected with the buzzer and helps in the emergency situations as well. Our company is also expert for providing the exit buttons and switch which are installed on emergency gates and doors.

This system compensates the individuals in a company or in a house to get out of the premises without getting caught in the building. Our company is also specialized for the provision of quality control board that ensure maximum safety and security for the building. The control boards are designed and manufactured in such a manner that provides maximum downloading and uploading speed while connected with the system. Our company gives the special training to its representatives and technicians to deal with the installation, repair and maintenance of the system to make it convenient for owners. If you have any concern regarding your security, we will also provide you the comprehensive solution to your security needs by making it cost-effective for you.


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