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Oakville access control

Oakville Access Contol Installation in Greater Toronto Area by torontoaccesscontrolOakville access control has been serving the city for more than 15 years in the area and its suburbs. The need for security is a basic requirement for every resident in the city. If you are residing in the city and intend have the access control in your commercial premises, you would strongly ponder upon the reliability factor.

Oakville access control is renowned for the provision of ID cards and Fob keys for the commercial and industrial security. The very reason behind this perspective is that most of the owner not only wants to secure their establishments and specific departments but also want to keep the record in order to check that which person is entering which department.

Oakville access control programs the card in such a manner that only the relevant person can enter the concerned department at a time. The usage of ID cards prevent the entrance of unauthorized persons belonging to other departments hence keeps the internal security firm and strong. The ID cards and Fob keys are encrypted in such a manner that when they are swiped through the machine, they are checked in the database for confirmation about credentials and current department, after this, he or she is permitted to pass through the door.

Oakville access control is not only famous and reliable for the provision of commercial security needs but also for the domestic security requirements as well. Our company provides the comprehensive installation of electric strikes at your house doors so that you may feel safe at home. This type of access control is devised in such a manner that you don’t need the services of an expert technician for its installation at your door, you can do it at your own.

Oakville access control is currently offering the two types of contemporary electric strikes. The first type is fail-secure, this type of lock is integrated with the electricity and if your house loses the power somehow, it is further integrated with the knob so that you can easily open the door. Furthermore, these locks can also be connected with the buzzers and you can easily keep an eye on visitor outside. The second type remains magnetic as far as it is provided with the electricity. So, if you lose the power, the door would work normally and you easily operate it for opening and closing with the handle.

Oakville access control provides the contemporary card readers that not only support the swiping of card with also the sensors is integrated that just read the card from a distance of 1 meter. You don’t need to have special card reader for unique cards as they work same and you can just get authorized with any card reader machine for entrance into your premises. Furthermore, Oakville access control integrates the exit doors of your premises with the exit buttons and switches for quick departure in case of any incident or emergency situation. We provide quality control boards for commercial purpose which are integrated with touch screen and pin code security. Such boards can also be connected with the main security system as they also provide full data transfer speeds for upload and download.


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