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Scarbourough Access Contol Installation in Greater Toronto Area by torontoaccesscontrolScarbourough access control is pioneer for the provision of ample access control systems in the city and its suburb areas. Our company has been serving the area for more than 15 years and thus builds the reliability and trust amongst the consumers. Scarbourough access control is determined to earn the consumer satisfaction at priority levels. If you are intending to acquire our services, you can simply check the feedbacks left by our previous client in order to make sure that you are choosing the right company for your security requirements.

Scarbourough access control provides the comprehensive access control solutions to the commercial and industrial establishments. If you have moved to a new place, you would surely like to take a survey in order to determine the current security situation. For this purpose, you can call scarbourough access control services to know that how it you can have a comprehensive and contemporary access controls installed in your premises. We provide the interactive ID card and Fob key system for authorization as we program them in such a manner that only the relevant person can enter the specific area of his or his concern. The ID Card and Fob keys access control system in integrated with the main security system, so when they are used by the employees, the system checks the database to confirm either the employee exists or not. After validation, the employee is allowed to pass through the door.

Scarbourough access control serves their clients who are interested in the installation of electric strikes in their homes. The installation of electric strike not only brings the peace of mind to them but also lets them to peak outsiders. The electric strike is can also be connected with the buzzer as per client requirements. However, traditional strike provides the best security and safety at home, but still there are two types of contemporary types of strikes; the first one is referred to as fail-secure as it is connected with the electricity so when the power is lost, the door is allowed to open by using knob. The second is referred to as fail-safe which created the magnetic connection with the presence of electricity, so if the power is lost, the door begins to function in normal manner. Scarbourough access control is also expert for the provision of exit button and switch which are considered mandatory for manufacturing or industrial establishments. Such switch provides the peace of mind to working people so that in case of any emergency happening, they can go out easily.

Scarbourough access control offers the installation of card readers and control boards. The company provides the contemporary technology of card readers that only support the swipe function but also scans the card through sensors from the distance of 1 meter without any error. The control boards provides by our company are considered ample where pin is considered necessary for security and safety.


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