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Mississauga Access Contol Installation in Greater Toronto Area by torontoaccesscontrol.caMississauga Access control system has been functioning in the area for more than 15 years and providing the top notch quality security services to its suburb area as well. Our company is expert with the latest security access controls to ensure that your safety and security at your house and commercial establishments.

Mississauga Access control has manufactured the quality ID cards and Fob keys that provide you the peace of mind at home and industrial areas. This type of security is apprehended mandatory and essential for industrial and commercial needs. No one would like to carry a bunch of keys in pocket with the probability to misplace them. We provide the ID cards and Fob keys written with the special identity code on them so that you just swipe or expose them to the machine to gain access to your specific area. It alleviates the need of keys for each and every door as only relevant person can enter the area where he or she is authorized by using the ID card and Fob Keys. When a card is swiped or Fob key is utilized, the system check for the authorization either the person is permitted to pass through the door by looking in to the database where all mandatory information such as name, address and phone number. Furthermore, the system also notes he entry time of the person into the facility so that the owner may check the attendance any time through the central system.

Mississauga Access control has trained its technicians to install the special electric strikes at doors to make the security more reliable and convenient for domestic purpose. Our company is currently providing two types of electric strikes; the first one is referred to as fail-lock electric strike. The door installed with this type of strike can be opened through the knob in case of power failure. The second type is referred to as fail-safe in which the door remain locked with the application of electricity so as when the power is failed, the magnetic connection is alleviated and the door can be opened easily just in normal way.

Mississauga Access control also takes the responsibility for the installation of emergency exit buttons and switches in your house and commercial establishments. Such access control system allows the individuals to get out of the premises in case of fatal incident such as fire. What need is just to push the button or switch to open the emergency door.

Mississauga Access control keeps all the security needs under consideration and keeps itself updated with the prevailing contemporary security equipments in order to satisfy the consumer requirements for reliable and enhanced security in their premises. For this purpose, Mississauga Access control also deals with the installation, repair and maintenance of control boards. We install control boards in commercial buildings where you need to access the door by using pin codes. Mississauga Access control has manufactured the control boards with the latest touch screen technology to make the touch experience rich, fluent and secure.


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