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Newmarket Access control

Newmarket Access Contol Installation in Greater Toronto Area by torontoaccesscontrolNewmarket Access control systems are pioneer in the field of security and serving the city and its suburbs for more than 15 years. It is evident that the need of high security is considered essential for home and offices. Newmarket Access control provides the restriction to protected areas in order to prevent the intruders along with the permission of access to the authorized persons. Furthermore, Newmarket Access control system is also responsible for recording the time entrance of employees. The access control system installed by our company provides security and protection to documents, people and equipments of special establishments.

The access control system has become very common now a day and installed in building at various entry points. There are several security devices of various types that are being utilized at the entry and exit points to control doors. The most common form is control board that has been equipped with the various numbered buttons along with the sensitive touch screen that is further connection with the release and lock system of door. The control board is responsible for the entry of pin code of employee; it further validates it and lets the employees in.

Newmarket Access control provides special card readers such as long range readers and proximity readers. The equipment provided by the company is manufactured with the quality material as they are integrated with the powerful chips and boards. Our company offers different types of card readers such as either you can have those which need the card swipe or either you can go for those that can detect the card by the means of sensors and encode it from a distance of 100 millimeters. Newmarket Access control has adopted the changing trends of market and is determined to provide the contemporary equipments. We also provide card readers that can read the card from a distance of 1 meter.

Newmarket Access control has also manufactured the electric strikes and exit buttons along with the switches. The electric strikes are considered to enhance the security of door locks. This access control is utilized especially for domestic purposes such as it provides it not only gives the control of doors but overall security of your home. Newmarket Access control electric strikes are manufactured in such a manner that a person with no special knowledge can easily install the electric strike on their door without the need of professional help. It does not require the usage of extra drilling as they come with the standard measurements and you can easily install the new plate by removing the others. Such electric strikes are referred to as counterparts such as others. Our companies offer two types of electric strikes with different additional configurations. Fixed strike never comes with such remarkable features but still they can provide you the strong security for your house. The fail lock electric strike uses the electricity and offers the feature of electricity option on strike. The door can be opened by the means of power failure by using knob.


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