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Toronto Access Control : About Us

Toronto Access Control deals with all kinds of security problems all over GTA.
We are in business for more than 15 years and has gained the trust of many people living in Toronto. Our company is not just a brand but a trust which is shown by the residents living over here. We work with every security service there is and also provide the best products for our customers to maintain a pride in the name of the company.

We value our customers safety. When it comes to security of house or car or office, we can’t compromise with the security level of their customers.

For the last 15 years Toronto Access Control is in business and since then it is the leading manufacturer of the security systems all around Toronto. Several security systems are made by our company such as car locking system, security perimeter services, parking gate systems, automatic doors, and steel doors.

High security systems:

Security perimeter access systems are one of the finest security levels provided by us. This security system secures your house and also maintains its status. This is the toughest security system developed in Toronto to get broken. Its secures the boundary of your house and you get notified about any unwanted movement along the perimeter through an alarm.

Sometimes you tend to lose your car keys. Toronto access Control Company provides you with the benefits of getting your key replaced by a new one, you just have to follow a simple procedure: take you company card along with your ID card and get the key replaced. Company rules make it easy for you to get a key replaced on the condition that you have the required documents as provided by the company.

High parking services:

When it comes to parking security, we provide you with the fool-proof high security level gates. These gates are built on a kind of technology that will only open with the right card provided and can’t be opened otherwise. It reduces manual labor and helps to maintain a high security level. These gates are strong and built with special kind of material which makes it nearly impossible to break the gates and go through.

Toronto access Control Company doesn’t compromise with the materials being used when making our security products. High level steels are used for the security products, which ensures that they are hard and can’t be broken. Steel doors made by our company are the best doors available around Toronto. We also develop automatic doors, which adds another milestone to the name of the company. These automatic doors have sensors placed in, which only gets opened when it reads the authorized card, otherwise it will not open.




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