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Richmond Hill Access Contol Installation in Greater Toronto Area by torontoaccesscontrolRichmond hill access control services are expert security field and serving Toronto and its suburbs for more than 15 years. The company provides the services for all types of security purposes ranging from residential to commercial purposes. If you are intending to have our services in your premises, you can get to us just on a single phone call or any of our office in order make sure that what types of access controls you need for your domestic and commercial needs.

Richmond hill access control provides the contemporary ID cards & FOB keys to ensure the secure and robust authorization. Our company provides the complete installation, security and maintenance of ID cards & FOD keys systems in commercial facilities. Such cards are programmed in such a manner that special ID is written in digital format on card or stored in FOB keys, when they are used with the system; the system checks the database and confirms the identity. The system permits the person after verifying the identity for authorization. Many companies provide access to specific departments to relevant individuals. So, an individual would not be able to use the ID card or FOB keys for entrance to irrelevant department making the security more enhanced and selective.

Richmond hill access control is specialized for the installation, repair and maintenance of contemporary electric strikes systems in both the commercial and residential premises. Richmond hill access control installs this electric strike system with the special buzzers. Such systems are ideal for those who want to keep an eye on visitors coming from outside. We provide all types of strikes such as the fail secure electric strike remains lock in case of power failure. No one from outside can open the lock, but a person from inside can open it by the means of knob. Another type of strike installed by Richmond hill access control can be opened in the emergency cases by applying an electric shock.

Richmond hill access control also provides the emergency exit means. We provide exit buttons and switches at special doors such as you can install exit buttons and switches at main exit doors that further enable the individuals to get out of the building in case of any emergency services. For instance, if a building undergoes the fire situation, the exit button and switches would be activated, they would be opened either by electric means or manually.

Richmond hill access controls provides the card readers and control boards for maximum security and safety. Our company installs the quality card readers in the premises that is connected with the main system database. When a card is utilized, the system logs the entry into the system and further checks the existence of the visitor in the database. Our company provides the integrated and latest control boards which are further installed with the latest software to ensure the maximum safety, security, download and upload speeds with the system. So, if you are intending to have our services, you will never be disappointed as your satisfaction is our priority.


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